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Is PURE Hard Surface safe for me?

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PURE has the lowest possible toxicity rating as evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency. The rating of IV is the same rating that would be assigned to tap water under EPA guidelines. This product is not flammable and will not corrode hard surfaces.

EPA guidelines for similar products, such as disinfectants or bleach, require labeling with words like "Danger," "Warning," or "Caution." These types of signal words are not required for Category IV products, including PURE.

PURE is GRAS Certified-Generally Regarded as Safe.

Why should I use PURE?

PURE is 20 times faster at killing germs than comparable disinfectant products. It has been clinically proven to kill most germs in about 30 seconds, and is potent against threats from VRE and MRSA in just two minutes.

Comparable disinfectant products stop working once they dry. But PURE continues to kill bacteria on contact for 24 hours after use.

Is PURE safe for use around children, pets, or other animals?

Yes. PURE (Disinfectant Comparions Chart) is even safe to use on toys or children's play equipment and surfaces. It can be used in a variety of sports and therapeutic environments as well, to prevent the spread and transmission of disease. Best of all, PURE is a spray product, which means you don't have to wipe it for it to become effective. Just spray it and you'll instantly have protection for up to 24 hours. It is also safe for use around domestic pets as well as livestock.