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What makes PURE preferable to dilutable industrial disinfectants?

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No sub-lethal dosing which leads to resistant strains.

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The instructions and measurements for dilutable disinfectants create the possibility for human error, if someone does not comprehend or accurately measure the ratios. If too much product is used, a biofilm residue can begin to accumulate on the surface. Ironically, this creates a bacterial breeding ground, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid when using disinfectants. If too little product is used, the disinfectant will not work effectively.

Typical disinfectant products are rated at Level I or Level II toxicity on the EPA scale. That means the products are toxic, corrosive, environmentally dangerous, or harmful to human skin, eyes, and pose other health concerns. See a comparions of hard surface disinfectants.

PURE is a viable alternative because it requires no mixing. It also has the EPA's lowest toxicity rating, Level IV, which means you don't have to wear protective gear when using it. It won't damage or corrode most surfaces, and it is totally safe to use around animals and humans.

It has been proven effective in killing Norovirus, Influenza A, Rotovirus, RSV, MRSA and more. It works faster and lasts longer than competitors' products, providing protection for up to 24 hours after application.