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Touch Surfaces Spread Germs

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Common misconceptions have prevailed for years about the spread of disease through the air or via direct skin contact. But research regarding the H1N1 virus concluded that it can live on surfaces for nearly 24 hours, and is still contagious for up to eight hours after initial contact with pathogens. This means that fixed hard surfaces are a potentially growing concern for the transmission of bacteria and germs.

PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant is labeled for these non-food contact sites: 
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  • Animal-veterinary clinics, animal shelters, kennels, stables, cages
  • Churches
  • Education-schools, colleges, day care facilities, dormitories, school buses, locker rooms, playgrounds
  • Households
  • Leisure-recreational facilities, gyms, health clubs, spas, restaurants, bars, barber shops
  • Medical-hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, veterinary clinics
  • Offices
  • Prisons
  • Transportation-cars, cruise ships, ambulances, public transportation vehicles, RVs, subways, trains, shipping containers

PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant is labeled for these food contact sites: 
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  • Fast food operations and eating establishments
  • Food processing facilities
  • Food storage areas
  • Institutional kitchens
  • Supermarkets

Examples of Non-Food Contact Surfaces in the Home

  • Bathroom sinks, tubs, showers & faucet handles
  • Kitchen appliances, counters & cabinets
  • Remote controls, handrails, light switch covers, tables, chairs, laundry hampers
  • Toys, pacifiers, diaper changing tables, stroller handles, booster seats, child car seats, hard surface only

Examples of Fixed Office Surfaces

  • Desk & computer keyboards
  • Food prep, storage or break areas
  • Shared office supplies such as staplers
  • Shared restroom-exterior toilet or urinal surfaces, faucet handles, sinks

Examples of Fixed Healthcare Surfaces

  • Counters & cabinets at Nurse's Workstations
  • Equipment such as telephones, computer keyboards, desks, wheelchairs, over-bed tables, examination tables, lab benches, waste containers, bathroom counters
  • Patient room sinks, faucet handles, showers, doorknobs, handrails, light switch covers, remote controls, bed frames
  • Sign In countertops
  • Waiting Area tables and chairs

Examples of Fixed Public Surfaces

  • Activity Centers
  • Gas station counters
  • Gym Equipment-jungle gyms, playhouses, equipment tables
  • Public transportation accommodations
  • Restaurant food prep & dining surfaces
  • Schools & government offices
  • Shopping baskets & carts
  • Travel area counters such as airports & bus terminals