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Where to Use PURE

  • Hospitals
    Click Above^. Hospitals are a healthcare environment requiring safe and...

  • Cruise Line
    Click Above^. Cruise lines uses PURE to protect onboard guests & staff.

  • Nursing Homes
    Click Above^. PURE for Nursing Homes

  • Medical Clinics
    Click Above^. Ideal hard surface disinfectant that kills tough pathogens.

  • Food Prep Areas
    Click Above^. PURE Hard Surface is labeled for food & beverage prep areas. No...

  • Foodservice
    Click Above^. PURE for table tops, countertops, bars, trays. No Rinse!

  • Daycare Facilities
    Click Above^. PURE is Generally Regarded as Safe and is ideal for Day Care...

  • Schools, Universities
    Click Above^. PURE Disinfects and Sanitizes Learning Environment

  • Transportation
    Click Above^, PURE Kills Germs in public places including transportation.

  • Home Use
    Click Above^. Use PURE at home as a Disinfectant & Saniitizer

  • Office
    Click Above^. PURE Protects from harmful germs at work.

  • Animal Safety
    Click Above^. PURE is safe around animals.

  • Gyms
    Click Above^. Antimicrobial sanitizer for gyms, exercise facilities.