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Long term or residential care facilities such as nursing homes are another area where germs can spread quickly because of the contained environment. Here are some touch surfaces to be aware of in a nursing home environment. CRE (Carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae) has been reported to be one of the top antibiotic resistant bacterias by the CDC.  PURE is labeled for CRE.

PURE is formulated for use on high touch surfaces. It is Odorless, bleach free formula, is colorless an no mixing required.  From the food prep areas to the over-bed tables, PURE is an effective antimicrobial, antibacterial disinfectant.

Common Areas

  • Hand rails
  • Medical support equipment
  • Shared TV remotes/electronics
  • Tables & shared surfaces

Nursing Areas

  • Charts & paperwork
  • Computer keyboard & mouse
  • Office equipment buttons & controls
  • Shared healthcare equipment

Patient Areas

  • Bathroom door handles & toilet exteriors
  • Door handles
  • Food tray tables
  • Over-bed trays
  • Telephone
  • TV remote control