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Elephant Armor teams up with EXCLUSIVE manufacturer and marketer of PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant

Friday, October 9, 2015

Intercon Chemical is proud to be part of the success of the Elephant Armor certification system featured in the video below.  Intercon Chemical is the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant.

So, what is Elephant Armor?

"It's a combination of pre-testing, application and post-testing to ensure that the PURE® Hard Surface disinfectant is being properly applied to playgrounds and that germs, viruses and bacteria are eradicated daily," according to the company's website.

According to Luzader, the PURE Hard Surface disinfectant, which is made by PURE Bioscience Inc., kills influenza and MRSA when applied properly every day, and it works in just a few minutes.

"The SDC in PURE Hard Surface kills bacteria and viruses 20 times faster than most leading disinfectants, and … it does all of this without harmful chemicals," reads the website.

The SDC is silver dihydrogen citrate. That's what kills the microorganisms, but it's harmless to humans. 

Please see the inspirational video to the right: